End of year giving

As we approach the close of the year and reflect on 2022, we have so much to be thankful for – and even more to look forward to in the New Year! We are embarking on our most ambitious plan to date.

This year we welcomed nearly 5,000 new and returning students and over 550 staff members to our campuses, launching with a strong focus on high academic achievement and learning acceleration. With the voice and support of deep stakeholder engagement, we introduced a new Strategic Plan and updated Mission and Vision to guide our work as we look to the future of education. In Building & Belonging Together, Distinctive Schools leaders, teachers, and staff are aligned around our goals to:

  • Create schools where learners feel excited about coming to a school – where learners are valued, seen, and belong

  • Provide all learners with the opportunity to achieve at the highest level academically as agents of their own learning – all means all

  • Embrace learner culture and identity to develop leaders in their community – building stronger communities post pandemic. 

We would love your support. The five pillars of our strategic plan: Holistic Educational Experience, Team Member Excellence, Community Hubs, Impact and Innovation, and Organizational Capacity will drive the development of our organization and serve as a framework for our actions through the plan and beyond. Our goals are made possible through your generous support. As we close out 2022, and look ahead to 2023, we know the New Year provides us with opportunities to be #BetterTogether, and your support of our mission and vision is deeply appreciated – Donate Now.

Through the generous support of our stakeholders, Distinctive Schools will: 

  • Provide culturally relevant texts and identity affirmed programming, as part of our focus on Holistic Educational Experience. 

  • Elevate and deepen professional development for teachers and staff, as part of our commitment to Team Member Excellence. 

  • Launch engaging educational workshops for parents and our communities, as part of the development of our schools as Community Hubs.

  • Deepen the impact of our work by sharing our innovative practices with a wider audience of teachers to engage students, as part of our focus on Impact and Innovation.

  • Collaborate with students, staff, and families to enrich our attendance and retention efforts, as part of our work toward increased Organizational Capacity.