Family Update

From the Office

  • Thursday, May 12: Q4 Progress Reports Distributed

  • Friday, May 27: 1PM Dismissal

  • Monday, May 30: No School- Memorial Day

  • Wednesday, June 8: Last Day to Submit Work for Q4

  • Monday, June 13: Last Day of Q4/S2

  • Tuesday, June 14: Q4/S2 Report Cards Distributed

  • Wednesday, June 15: Last Day of School - 1PM Dismissal

  • Early dismissals will only be granted until 15 minutes before the end of the day. For safety and security purposes, staff prepare for dismissal.

Arrival at Greenwood

  • Ms. Reyna is not available to tend to parents until after tardies and attendance is submitted, estimated time 9:45AM. Someone is available to answer the phone and help with general inquiries and take messages. Attendance messages can be left by calling 773-820-9426 option 1. You can also email and Ms. Reyna will get back to you as soon as possible upon the completion of her morning duties.

Chromebook Repairs/Replacement:

  • All students are assigned a student Chromebook.

  • On campus, this is the only permissible tech allowed on campus.

  • Each student is responsible for their own tech.

  • If a repair is needed due to negligence, then the student’s account will be charged $25 per repair, $15 per charger replacement, and $250 per computer replacement.

  • No services or replacements will occur until full payment is rendered.


High School Updates

  • Finishing the 2021-2022 School Year

    • High School students have Semester 1 and Semester 2 courses that must be passed with a 70% or higher in order to receive graduation credit and avoid Summer Learning.

    • Families, please check-in with your student about their grades in Semester 1 and Semester 2 English, History, Math, Science, Spanish, and Arts classes.

  • Semester 1 Incompletes & Credit Recovery: Students who did not pass one or more Semester 1 courses with a 70% or higher will receive a Summer Learning Registration Letter next week.

    • Summer Learning is required for any student with one or more incompletes, including arts courses from semester 1 or semester 2. 

    • Each course is required to graduate and earn enough credits.

    • The initial deadline for Semester 1 make-up work was 4/17. Students who did not meet this deadline can still reach out to their teachers or mentor to create a plan to make-up missing work.


Middle School Updates

  • Finishing the 2021-2022 School Year

    • Middle School students have year-long courses in English, History, Math, and Science, and Semester courses in the Arts that must be passed with a 70% or higher in order to and avoid Summer Learning. 8th graders must pass each course in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

    • Families, please check-in with your student about their grades in English, History, Math, Science, and Arts classes in order to make sure they are on track to be promoted to the next grade and avoid Summer Learning.


Arts Update

  • HIGH SCHOOL ARTISTS AND FAMILIES - Please keep in mind that High School Arts Classes are the first and second period of school.  It is imperative that your students arrive at school on time so they do not miss Arts Instruction.  Their Arts classes are graded and if they are not completed they will be required to participate in Summer Learning.

  • ALL ARTISTS AND FAMILIES - Please remember that in every Arts class participation is 50% of their final grade.  This includes participating in class discussions, accomplishing all classwork and tasks and practicing a growth mindset.  If you have questions about how that specifically applies to your Artist’s Arts Class, please reach out to their teacher!


Did you know you can check your student’s art grade on Synergy StudentVue/ParentVue?  Make sure to check it regularly for the most up to date student grades! 


After School Updates

  • Pick Up from After Hours activities is at 5:30pm sharp. 

    • If a student is late being picked up, families have 1 week to settle payment before your student is put on After Hour Probation. 

      • If students are left on AH Probation(non payment for 2 weeks or more) students will be temporarily suspended until payment or payment arrangement is made.

  • Please consistently check emails for any program updates. 

  • Please notify Ms. Jordan or After Hour instructor when you are aware that your artist will not be in attendance. 




Congratulations to our CREATIVE EMPATHY AWARD WINNERS for the Month of April!  Way to go everyone!

Christian B.

Was very respectful of other students' space, time, and classroom environment during PSAT testing. He tried his hardest to stay focused and not be a distraction. He also lightened the mood to help students get their minds of testing during the short breaks. He helped make the PSAT a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Malayisa W

See is always checking in on people and how they feel. She is often asking to help others in their time of need.

Aarion H

Aarion consistently volunteers to help out with various tasks in the classroom. He always steps up even when it's unprompted and is always a positive presence.

Tamiyah W

Tamiyah is one of the most understanding students I've come across in a while. Even through fear of uncomfortability and nervousness, she's always open to a new perspective and/or feedback. And she doesn't let it stop there. She applies that new perspective by melting it with her own experiences in order to create beautiful art.

Diana T

Diana is a quiet but fierce young woman. She deeply cares for her friends and advocates for their mental health and safety. She tries to understand their feelings from outside of her own perspective.

Gerald T

Gerald noticed I was out of paper towels for wiping down desks and communicated really well about it, then offered to help out with the situation without any prompting; completely of his own accord

Akili T

Akili is someone who is very conscious of the feelings of those around her. She is a great friend, and is there to comfort and support anybody when they need it.

Ahmad B

Ahmad worked really hard to ensure he was caught up and passed his classes.

Camari B

Congratulations Camari for being nominated for our Empathy Award!

Tori T

Congratulations Tori for being nominated for our Empathy Award!

Tamia G

Tamia started the year off rocky, getting into lots of altercations however, I have witnessed her growth and her ability to stay calm and give empathy when she gets frustrated. She has became a supportive leader in my girls group

Maya C

Maya is kind and goes out of her way to say hi and check in on peers and teachers!