4.24.22 Family Update

From the Office

Key Dates 05/27: 1PM Dismissal - 05/30: No School- Memorial Day - 06/11: End of 4th Quarter

  • Both campuses have filtered water fountains available for students with drinking water. Students must bring a refillable water bottle to use the water fountains.

  • Early dismissals will only be granted until 15 minutes before the end of the day. For safety and security purposes, staff prepare for dismissal.

  • The annual student fee of $80 can be paid online here.

  • Automated notifications are going out daily at 9:45 for attendance. If students have not reported to school by 9:30 a text and phone call will go out.

Chromebook Repairs/Replacement:

  • All students are assigned a student Chromebook.
  • On campus, this is the only permissible tech allowed on campus.
  • Each student is responsible for their own tech.
  • If a repair is needed due to negligence, then the student’s account will be charged $25 per repair, $15 per charger replacement, and $250 per computer replacement.
  • No services or replacements will occur until full payment is rendered.

Celebrations !!!

Malikyah P. - He is always able to speak up when he is facing challenges. Way to go!

James W. -  James has been so good about asking for help when he needs it. Besides that, his unique humor and ability to use his voice to express his opinion. always keeps us on our toes.

Keiran G. -  Speaking up to ask for the helps he needs to complete his ASP. He is also able to speak to and celebrate the things he has accomplished and the things he still needs to get done.

Ethan M. - Way to go Ethan for being recognized for your VOICE!

Amira P. and Makenna G. - Amira and Makenna are exceptional students who've developed such independent, strong voices since the beginning of the year. Witnessing their growth and willingness to share has been amazing!

Imayia B. - Way to go Imayia for being recognized for your VOICE!

Congrats to Staff of the week Ms. McDonagh and Ms. Chantel! 

High School Updates

  • School Non-Negotiable Policies

    • Student Dress Code - please see Dress Code Slide Deck. Repeated offenses lead to referrals / further discipline 

    • Cell Phones in school - cell phones are not permitted during school hours. Students phones may be removed to front office after warning. Please use front office for communication 

    • Tardy policy 

  • Make up for PSAT Testing  - Wednesday, April 27, 20222

  • All Driver's Education questions can be emailed to aim@distinctiveschools.org 

  • Bulletins

  • Semester 1 - Late Submissions

    • The last day to submit makeup work from Semester 1 is Tuesday, April 26th. Students who need to submit S1 work should be working closely with their mentor to complete an Academic Success Plan. Please reach out to your student’s mentor with any questions.

  • Quarter 4

    • April 4th - June 13 and the last day of the school year is Wednesday, June 15. Students must pass each course with a 70% C- or better in order to earn graduation credit for Semester 1 and Semester 2 classes.

  • How to Check Student Grades

  • Remember, students and families have 24/7 real-time access to current grades through student and parent logins to Summit Learning and Synergy StudentVue/ParentVue. If you need any help accessing these platforms, please contact aim@distinctiveschools.org.

    Incomplete course grades at the end of the year for Semester 1 and/or Semester 2 will result in Summer Learning. We need your partnership to support your child and their teachers in ensuring a strong and successful finish to the school year. Get in touch with teachers using the staff page on our website.

    Middle School Updates

8th Grade Graduation Fees- ALL graduation activity costs will be covered in the Graduation fee of $200.00. Payments can be made in two installments of $100.00, four installments of $50.00, or in full. The first payment is now past due! If you are paying online the links are:  Pay Grad Fee in Full,   Pay Grad Fee-2 Payments,   Pay Grad Fee-4 Payments. As reminder payment dates are: April 15th, May 1st 

 8th Grade Family Dinner: 8th grade families are invited to come out on April 28th at 6:00 to sit around the table to reflect, discuss growth and look ahead to what AIM High has to offer our current 8th graders.  Be on the lookout for more details! 

We encourage all of our students to dedicate some time to stay on track with current work or take the opportunity to work on late projects and assignments. Students should be checking the 7th Grade Class Bulletin or 8th Grade Class Bulletin daily for their classwork

Arts Updates

  • Please Remember, that the May 26th deadline for Semester 1 Work is applicable to student’s arts courses as well.  All outstanding work from Semester 1 Arts Classes are also due May 26th.  Students who still have an incomplete grade after that deadline will be required to attend summer learning.

  • HIGH SCHOOL ARTISTS AND FAMILIES - Please keep in mind that High School Arts Classes are the first and second period of school.  It is imperative that your students arrive at school on time so they do not miss Arts Instruction.  Their Arts classes are graded and if they are not completed they will be required to participate in Summer Learning.

  • ALL ARTISTS AND FAMILIES - Please remember that in every Arts class participation is 50% of their final grade.  This includes participating in class discussions, accomplishing all classwork and tasks and practicing a growth mindset.  If you have questions about how that specifically applies to your Artist’s Arts Class, please reach out to their teacher!


Did you know you can check your student’s art grade on Synergy StudentVue/ParentVue?  Make sure to check it regularly for the most up to date student grades! 

After School Updates

  • Pick Up from After Hours activities is at 5:30pm sharp. 

    • If a student is late being picked up, families have 1 week to settle payment before your student is put on After Hour Probation. 

      • If students are left on AH Probation(non payment for 2 weeks or more) students will be temporarily suspended until payment or payment arrangement is made.

  • Please consistently check emails for any program that may be canceled.