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Student Fees –

The annual student fee is $100 per student. This can be paid online using this link or by dropping off a money order to the AIM office. Student fees cover Student ID, Technology, Student Pictures and Picture Package and special events. Pay Student Fees Here.

AIM Gradient

Celebrate Growth!

Art In Motion students are resilient, hardworking, and committed to their learning –  in celebration of their achievement and growth, we are excited to launch The Corner Store, an initiative designed to increase engagement and create a deeper sense of community with our students.

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Need Help?

Learn how to support your student with Summit (English, Science, Math, History) and Synergy (Spanish, Arts, Attendance) by watching this video!

AIM Gradient

AIM Gradient


If you have an idea, complaint or concern about AIM, please reach out to our Campus Leadership Team. If for some reason that concern is unable to be addressed, please use one of the following methods to address a specific concerns:

  • Bullying - please use this form. For reference, our school bullying policy and process is contained in the student code of conduct in our Student & Parent Handbook.

  • ​Unresolved concerns about student code of conduct implementation can be emailed to

  • Any allegations of sexual misconduct involving AIM staff or students, please use the Chicago Public Schools Office of Student Protection and Title IX hotline: (773)535-4400

  • Any other concerns please email or call (773) 820-9426

If your concerns are still not resolved after communicating directly with the campus and then through the methods detailed above, you may consider reaching out to Distinctive Schools by sending an email to