apply now for 7th & 8th-grade – opening Fall 2019 – Chicago Residents



AIM welcomes students who live in the city of Chicago. AIM is committed to giving all applicants an equal opportunity to attend the school. AIM will follow lottery, enrollment and waitlist policies in accordance with Illinois Charter School Law and Illinois School Code. If there are more applications received than seats available, Art In Motion will hold a public lottery.

There is no testing or audition requirement to attend AIM. We encourage students to apply who have a passion for the arts, are seeking an arts based school experience, and want to prepare for their college and career plans after high school, through the arts.



If there are more applications received than seats available, AIM will hold a public lottery per IL State Law and CPS requirements. The public lottery provides an equal chance at admission for all applicants. However, in an effort to keep families together, the Art In Motion lottery will give preferential treatment to siblings.

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Applications are now open!


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